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Historia Travel, special events

We offer a wide range of services to help you enjoy your passions.

We will be pleased to pool our organizational talents and those of our contact network to create unforgettable events.

Theme days and nights have been conceived to bring people together and celebrate special highlights, such as:

* J. S. Bach Festival in Leipzig

* Wagner Festival in Bayreuth

* 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

* 20th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution in Leipzig

Also, we organize wine and gastronomic events…

…and many other events tailored to your special expectations

Auerbachs Keller

Exclusivity agreement with the Auerbachs Keller Leipzig restaurant

Auerbachs Keller – Leipzig’s best-known restaurant

The Auerbachs Keller scene in Goethe’s “Faust” drama made this restaurant world-famous. Fresh seasonal cuisine.


Moreover, we organize conferences on special themes of music or history, especially the Napoleonic era, such as


Conference hold by Gert Pfeifer. More than 120 monuments and plaques commemorate the 1813 event. Gert Pfeifer, member of the Leipzig 1813 Battle of the Nations’ Anniversary Association, will talk about the heritage of the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig.

It goes without saying, that he will follow the traces of Napoleon and show you the museums dedicated to the Battle of the Nations. Every year, people from up to 19 European countries come and celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of the Nations in historic uniforms.

Those participants are also part of the conference.
The lecturer will wear a historic guard officer uniform.
This conference has been conceived for all those who want to experience live history.

In association with the Leipzig French Institute, the Leipzig University Center for French Studies, and Historia-Event & Souvenir Leipzig.

Enjoy the many extraordinary events of the region.
We will be pleased to receive your out-of-the-ordinary theme-travel requests regarding music, history, sports, or literature.

Please tell us your wishes. We will organize your customized tour.


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